Employee Involvement Survey (EIS)
Purpose: The Employee Involvement Survey (EIS) assesses (1) the extent to which employees feel they currently are provided opportunities for personal involvement and influence at work (i.e., opportunities for making suggestions, decision making, influencing how trips are done) by management, and (2) the areas and issues of involvement which they deem most important.
Model: Based on Alfred Marrow's participative management concept in conjunction with Maslow's Need Hierarchy model of motivation.

Format: A 50-item paper/pencil criterion-referenced instrument, employing a 9-point equal interval scale, designed as a companion to the Participative Management Survey (PMS). The Employee Involvement Survey (EIS) provides feedback to the manager about the amount and quality of influence opportunities afforded to the employees. Using the same 50 items as the PMS, the EIS gives employees the opportunity to (1) rate their manager's actual practices, as well as (2) how frequently employees would desire such practices.
Brief Description: This survey assesses how often employees feel their managers provide them opportunities for personal involvement and influence at work-- opportunities for decision making, influencing how things are done-- and how often and on which issues they would like to have such opportunities provided.

A companion to the PMS, the EIS provides feedback to the manager about influence opportunities afforded to employees. Used with the PMS, the EIS can stimulate discussion among managers and employees regarding meaningfulness of the manager's practices as well as how employees would like the involvement process to be managed.

Sample Item: Participants respond to each question by rating, on a scale from 1 - 9, the frequency of a managers actual practices and your desired frequency for these practices. A rating of 1 would indicate that the practice is never present while a rating of 9 would indicate that the specific practice is always present.

My manager:
1. Seeks my opinions about work conditions and how to make them more comfortable and/or less stressful.
Companion Piece: Participative Management Survey (PMS)
Video Support: Work Motivation: How Managers Can Make the Most of It
Languages: English
Author: Jay Hall, Ph.D.
Publication Date: Copyright - 1988, Jay Hall, Ph.D.
Norms: Not applicable. Please see information from PMS.
Not applicable. Please see information from PMS.
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